Fee For Service Dentistry: The Option For The Best Dental Care

Posted on May 3, 2021May 3, 2021Categories Business

Colts Neck NJ dentist Dr. Edward DeFabio of DeFabio Dental Design is an FFS provider. Why did DeFabio Dental Design choose to be a Fee-For-Service dentist? 

“We love this model because it allows us to spend time with our patients, explain treatment options and soothe the anxious patient. We have NJ dental patients that come from all over the state and have been coming to use for over 30 years because of the quality care being an FFS practice lets us offer.” 

You know how stressful going to the dentist can be. 

Most dental offices rush treatment. This can lead to it being more painful and causing more anxiety. No one wants to be rushed. Especially with something that makes us feel as vulnerable as a dental visit. 

As a patient you want to feel calm and have an understanding of the treatment options available to you.Being rushed now just increases the danger of contracting COVID-19 on top of the stress this already creates. 

To maintain profitability dentists have to get through as many patients in a day as they can. 

With this need to rush, dentists don’t have the time between appointments to sanitize the office  to prevent COVID-19 infection. FFS dentists have more flexibility allowing them to limit the number of appointments and to spread them out to allow the time to sterilize the office between appointments. 

Why Your Dentist Rushes Treatment

Dentists rush treatment because of how insurance works. Most people don’t realize that there is a cap of what a dentist gets paid for a procedure. There is a flat rate for every dental treatment that dentists must abide too.

To keep the lights on and the business running dentists have to try and see as many patients as they can each day. The dentist gets paid the same amount no matter how long the treatment takes. 

For patients that are seeking the highest quality care, a Fee-For-Service dental provider is the the way to go. 

Will My Insurance Cover My Treatment?

Very likely your insurance will cover most of your treatment from a FFS dentist. Going to a FFS provider doesn’t mean you have to shoulder the entire cost of a procedure. 

Most FFS dentists are happy to file your claim for you. 

The cost that falls on the patient is just the difference between what the insurance covers and what the procedure ends up costing. This is typically not very much money. 

Fee-For-Service isn’t for everyone. It makes the most sense for nervous patients that need more time and slower treatment. It also makes sense for those that want the finest treatment available.